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If your style of canoeing is suitable for families, not too strenuous and aims to enjoy a relaxing journey through the countryside with the emphasis on your companions and the surroundings, then this site is for you.

This site is intended as a means of sharing experience of short canoe trips (rarely beyond ten or twelve miles) so that those of us with this common interest can conveniently extend our range, and visit new waterways without the need to research and plan new canoe trips from scratch.  Each canoe trip provides suggestions of how to get there, where to park and launch your canoe and brief details of the character of the trip with links to particular points of interest.  There are photographs in separate albums attached to each "canoe trip page" so as not to slow down access to the more general information if that is all you want.  The canoe trips are indexed by waterway and by county to make it easy to find something of interest to you. Alternatively you can select "Map View", zoom in on a particular area and then trip and, by switching to satellite view, you may see which end of the car park to launch from! You can even be advised when new canoe trips are added for the counties that are of particular interest to you.

Above all the site provides the opportunity to share information on canoe trips and therefore invites your input. Do you have a favourite canoe trip you would like to share with others?  The "Create Your Own Trip " button will take you to an input page which will guide you through the creation of a trip page and load it to the site.

Please comment on the canoe trips that you try or where you have additional information to contribute. You will have views on the content and style of the site itself.  What do you like? What don't you like? How do you think it can be improved?  Please feel free to let us have your thoughts so that the site can be improved to the benefit of us all. hopes the information will be useful to you but can not be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the contents. It remains your responsibility to use your judgement and experience to keep safe at all times whilst canoeing.

Finally, my thanks to those who have contributed their canoe trips to - if this site has any value, it is through the generosity of your input. I am also particularly indebted to my son, Robert, who has provided the technical expertise to make this site function as seamlessly as it does.

I hope you enjoy it.




The last trip loaded was Great Haywood to Great Haywood (Circular Route) on the River Trent / Trent & Mersey Canal by Peter Robinson